Albany Bulb and Buchanan Dog Beach

Buchanan Dog Beach and Albany Bulb Review

Take your dog for a swim at Buchanan Dog Beach and continue on an off-leash walk on Albany Bulb with views of San Francisco and iconic bridges.

At the edge of the densely populated East Bay area of Albany, there is a sliver of wild in Albany Bulb peninsula. If you are looking to take your dog for an off-leash walk with amazing San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz views, or simply jump in the Bay, this might be a convenient place for you.

Albany waterfront has a rich history of Indian settlement, site of a dynamite factory, garbage dump and now a waterfront park. It is full of contradictions, with nature taking over the sprawl of broken concrete blocks and dominant background of the Golden Gate Fields horse racetrack.

Buchanan Dog Beach

At the base of Albany Bulb and at the end of Buchanan Street is the Buchanan Dog Beach, also known as the Albany Beach. The beach itself might not be pristine. It is small and covered with rocks and debris, but your dog will still have fun jumping in the water.

From the beach you can see outline of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge and watch kite surfers glide over the waves.

Albany Bulb

From Buchanan Dog Beach, follow the paved path onto the Albany Bulb Peninsula. Dogs are allowed off leash and the pleasant path follows the waterfront. The place is very popular with local dog owners and you will meet lots of people out with their dogs.

After a short walk you will get to a fork in the road.

Turning left will follow a path along the water. This is a pleasant walk but you can’t go too far before it floods and can be difficult to follow. Unless you scramble your way out (not recommended), it will dead end and you will need to turn around.

Going straight and up the gentle hill, you will get to the heart of Albany Bulb. What follows is a spider web of dirt trails, some wide and other narrow paths making their way across broken concrete slabs being reclaimed by nature.

You will also see a large collection of urban art spread out across the park from the famous Mad Mark’s castle to random graffiti covering concrete blocks.

After a short stroll full of beautiful views, you can make your way back on a wide dirt trail that runs parallel and above the path that got you here. Follow the widest trail and you will likely find it.


All in all, Albany Bulb is not really scenic and relaxing wilderness, nor is it a sandy beach to enjoy with your dog. However, it is a local escape from the city, allowing you to enjoy views across the bay and cool-off and exercise you dog in this very interesting park.


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