Baker Beach, San Francisco

Baker Beach Review

Courtesy of Sandy Blazer, featuring Chuck

Baker Beach is a popular tourist destination and can be crowded on warm weekends. Bring your dog early in the morning or in the later afternoon for an off leash romp, and then only if she or he is under voice control – otherwise stroll the beach, the historic Battery Chamberlain or the sand staircase with fido on leash.

Meet Chuck

Chuck at the Baker Beach

Chuck is an 8 year old rescue dog (former bait animal) who spends time on Baker Beach at least three times a week. During the first few weeks of adoption when we were working through separation anxiety, dog fears and leash aggression, we’d come to Baker Beach for a really good work out followed by a short training session and the opportunity to meet other dogs off leash. Baker Beach helped Chuck turn a really tough corner. It’s our favorite place to hang out now.

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Review courtesy of Sandy Balzer. Photos © Sandy Balzer

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