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Bay Area Dog Friendly Beaches

Dog Friendly Beaches - Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area is full of amazing dog friendly beaches. Do your best friend a favor and take them for a well-deserved swim and maybe combine it with a scenic hike. There are lots of beaches to choose from across the Bay Area, and you can use our map to locate them. Here are some of our favorites.

Fort Funston, San Francisco

Fort Funston is arguably the best dog friendly beach in Mid-Peninsula.

You can walk along the long sandy beach or hike on the bluffs above. Dogs are allowed off-leash across most of Fort Funston. The park is very popular with local dog owners. You will find lots of friends for your pup to play with in the waves. Getting to the beach requires going down a long and steep section of either steps or a sand slope. Be ready for some exercise especially on the way up. However, with the amazing views and plenty of space for your dog to play, it will be well worth it. Best way to experience this dog friendly beach walk is to follow the ~1.5 mile loop outlined here.

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Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands

Rodeo Beach - Dog Friendly Beaches

Rodeo Beach is a scenic beach, with crashing waves, high bluffs and great off-leash hikes.

Located in the heart of Marin Headlands, this dog friendly beach is a perfect place to relax with your dog. The beach can be busy, but there is plenty of room for your dog to run off leash if you move to the side. Rodeo Beach is also a great staging place for several hikes including 1.5 mile Lagoon trail and 5 mile Wolf Ridge Loop. The Golden Gate National Recreational Area new dog regulation proposal might severely limit those hikes in the future, so take the opportunity to go there now.

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Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Ocean Beach San Francisco - Dog Friendly Beaches

Ocean Beach is a lovely place to take your dog off-leash in the west side of San Francisco.

The conveniently located Ocean Beach is right next to the western edge of the Golden Gate Park. The long beach front provides lots of opportunities for your dog to run around and jump in the water. The area can be heavily used by non-pet owners but unlike nearby Fort Funston, there is an easy access to the waterfront. Watch up for the strong rip-currents and be thoughtful of your dog’s limits. After the walk on the beach consider doing the nearby Lands’ End hike.

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Del Valle, Livermore

Del Valle Lafayette - Dog Friendly Beaches

Del Valle offers unique opportunities to swim with your dog in a lake, followed by a long hike.

The warm calm waters of Del Valle are great for enjoying a cool swim. It not just your dog that can jump in but also you. You will need to stay away from the main beach but an off-leash path along the water will give your dog plenty of opportunity to jump in. You can follow along the path and picnic on the water or continue on trails along the reservoir. The area can be very hot in the summer and there is limited shade … but that’s why you are going to the beach!  There are not many lakes (or reservoirs) in the area where swimming or dogs are allowed so take advantage of this lovely park.

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Crissy Field, San Francisco

Crissy Field, San Francisco - Dog Friendly Beaches

Crissy Field has the views, beach, green fields, all in a nice package right in San Francisco.

Crissy Field is a convenient beach outing if you live in or are visiting San Francisco. Dogs can swim in the water or run off-leash on the open fields. The protected waters of the bay are a little safer for the dogs to swim in than the Ocean side and there is plenty to do in the area. You can enjoy the views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. For a touch of tourism, visit the nearby Fort Mason where dogs are allowed on leash.  You can also extend your adventure by doing one of the Presidio hikes.

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Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay

Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay - Dog Friendly Beaches

Pillar Point and Maverick's Beach let you enjoy Half Moon Bay while your best friend has tons of fun.

Pillar Point is one of the few beaches in the Half Moon Bay area where you can take your dog, and it’s a wonderful beach. You can take a short walk to the Maverick’s Beach that hosts annual surfing competition. The best way to get to the beach is from a small parking lot that might be tricky to find without directions. Dogs officially have to be on-leash but well behaving dogs often run free … do so at your own risk. This is also a great place to take your kid along with your dog to find sea shells and explore tide pools.

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