Del Valle, Livermore

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Fun Swimming for everyone, great trails
Safety Calm water and plenty of space. Careful about heat as shade is limited
Scenic Lake, rolling hills, especially beautiful in winter with green hills
Hikes Follow the lake or hike the hills, all off-leash
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Del Valle offers unique opportunities to swim with your dog in a lake, followed by a long hike.

The warm calm waters of Del Valle are great for enjoying a cool swim. It not just your dog that can jump in but also you. You will need to stay away from the main beach but an off-leash path along the water will give your dog plenty of opportunity to jump in. You can follow along the path and picnic on the water or continue on trails along the reservoir. The area can be very hot in the summer and there is limited shade … but that’s why you are going to the beach! There are not many lakes (or reservoirs) in the area where swimming or dogs are allowed so take advantage of this lovely park.

Recommended Hike

4.8 mile hike along the lake and over the hills

see map for details

Park at the Del Valle Marina
Mile 0 Start on the Shore Trail by crossing the gate with a "Dog Run" sign at the end of the Marina
Follow the lake and pick a nice place to relax along the lake
0.64 mile Take a break and refill your water around the Hetch Hetchy Camp and continue along the lake
1.2 mile Follow trail as it narrows and turns into Swallow Bay Trail. Enjoy the shade a great views
1.77 mile At the end of Badger Cove, turn right on East Shore Trail and head uphill
1.93 mile Turn left onto Ridgeline trail
2.35 mile Turn right on the Hidden Canyon trail
4 mile Turn right on Squirrel Gulch Trail and follow it down to parking lot
4.8 mile Arrive at the parking lot


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Recommended Hike Map

see trail map