Quarry Lakes Regional Recreational Area

Quarry Lakes

Have a relaxing picnic next to the water and take an on-leash walk around the lakes, watching birds and ocasionally passing BART train.

There are many off-leash options in the East Bay, so at first look Quarry Lakes is not the best option for a dog hike. This very well might be true but the park still has a lot to offer.

The green fields with picnic tables overlooking the lakes are a pleasant place to have a relaxing day. You can take a wide dirt trail around the lakes for a 2-3 mile walk depending on the path you take. Dogs must be on-leash at all times and can not come in contact with the water. It can get really hot but the breeze coming from the lakes will sooth you along the way. The park is really scenic and home to many types of birds, and it comes a bit of a surprise to see BART train zoom by next to the trail. This might feel like a nuisance but at least for me it added to the charm of the park.


This is not a place to exercise of your dog off-leash but its relaxing charm is worth a visit on a quiet day.


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