Quarry Park, Half Moon Bay

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Fun Short on-leash trails in the shade
Scenic Majestic ecalyptus trees
Logistics Good parking, restrooms, water, bags
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Quarry Park has a network of on-leash trails in the cool and at times mystic shade of tall eucalyptus trees.

Enjoy the cool shade of majestic eucalyptus trees in this 40 acre park. Quarry Park is tucked away in the hills of El Granada community, east of Route 1. The tall trees in the park will cool you down on a hot day and create a mystic atmosphere in a dense fog. As you wonder the forest, you are half expecting elves to emerge from the lush vegetation. You can check out the quarry and enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean through the trees. Dogs have to be on-leash.

The main parking area has restroom (non-flushable toilets), bags and a water fountain. The parking area has a nice playground if you are coming along with kids. You can also access the park form Miranda Surf on Rt. 1.

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