Dog friendly hikes, beaches and parks in California

A project to develop comprehesive outdoors resources for dogs and their owners.
Starting with San Francisco Bay Area.

Map of Dog Friendly Hikes

There are many amazing dog friendly hikes in the Bay Area. Click on map icons below to see trail maps and more information. I have reviewed some parks (and more to come) while others have links to park websites. Directions work best on a mobile device. Scroll down to see featured hikes and recommended dog-friendly beaches. Remember to give us some feedback in the comments. The map might not work perfectly on smaller mobile devices – we are working on it.

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Featured Dog Friendly Hikes

Map of Dog Friendly Beaches

Use the map below to find dog friendly beaches in California (more beaches are being added). If you are looking for recommendations, please check out Top Bay Area Beaches and Best Beaches in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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Featured Dog Friendly Beaches

Your Turn

Do you have favorite dog friendly hikes, walks or beaches in the Bay Area? Would you like to add or make an edit to an existing hike on our site? Do you like the site or have some suggestions? Let us know your comments. We are a new site and need your feedback to help you get the most out of it.

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3 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Hikes, Beaches and Parks

    • Tomasz Post author

      Thank you Judy. I appreciate the comment and glad your are finding the site useful. Its still a new site and I am adding a lot more content, but if there is a way to make it even better for you feel free to let me know.

  • MK

    Calero is totally NOT dog friendly. Their website says dogs are allowed, then you get to the park and you find out dogs are only allowed in the parking lot: ALL trails are closed to dogs. Not mentioned here is Santa Teresa County Park, which has 36 miles of trails ALL open to dogs on leash! The only place dogs can’t go is in the little farm/ranch area.