Hike with a Dog – Pulgas Ridge

Pulgas Ridge is a Mid-Peninsula Open Space offering trails where you can hike with your dog off-leash. The park is not without its flaws, but the opportunity to take your dog off-leash and enjoy views of surrounding hills makes up for its shortcomings.

You can take your dog on-leash on all of Pulgas Ridge trails.  However, once you reach the 17.5 acre off-leash area, within Hassler Loop Trail, feel free to let your dog run free. The park is popular with local dog owners so you can let your dog meet new friends while you enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding hills. To get to the off-leash area, you first have to hike up the hill on a 0.4 mile Blue Oak trail or go around on the Cordilleras Trail.

There are basic restrooms at the Pulgas Ridge parking lot but no water. There are also no disposable bags and more importantly no garbage cans to dispose of the bags. This results in you having to “drive out” the used bags. The park is also full of poison oak, so if you are sensitive to it, watch out for it.

In conclusion, if you are in Mid-Peninsula looking for an off-leash hike with your dog, this is a great park for you . It is pleasant walk and offers great views.

Featured Pulgas Ridge Hike

Cordilleras / Hassler / Blue Oak Trail

Hike on 1.6 miles on paved and single track trails, with an opportunity to take your dog off-leash

Park on designated parking lot off Edmons Road

 A -Mile 0: Start on the trail on the right side of the parking lot (facing away from the road).

 B - Mile 0.1: Turn left on the Cordilleras Trail (adjacent to a service road) and follow the paved trail around the bend until it turns into Hassler Trail.

 C - Mile 0.5: Cross the off-leash area gate and feel free to take your dog off-leash.

 D - Mile 0.6: Turn left on the Hassler Trail and follow the trail for 0.3 miles to the open space at the top of the hill.

 E - Mile 0.9: Let your dog play with friends or throw a ball at the clearing at the top of the hill and enjoy beautiful views. When you are ready to leave, continue down on the Hassler Loop Trail.

 F - Mile 1.2: You will see a gate on your right side and entrance to Blue Oak Trail. Turn onto the Blue Oak Trail and put your dog back on the leash.

 G - Mile 1.6: Back at the parking lot.

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