Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands

Off-leash dog beach Off-Leash



Fun Great place to start hikes but beach can be crowded
Safety Rough ocean waves, crowds
Scenic Views of Marin Headlands
Hikes Long distance off-leash hikes
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Rodeo Beach is a scenic beach, with crashing waves, high bluffs and great off-leash hikes.

Located in the heart of Marin Headlands, Rodeo Beach is a perfect place to relax with your dog and enjoy the views of Marin Headlands. The beach can be busy, but there is plenty of room for your dog to run off leash if you move to the side. Rodeo Beach is also a great staging place for several off-leash hikes. The Golden Gate National Recreational Area new dog regulation proposal might severely limit those hikes in the future, so take the opportunity to go there now.

Recommended Hikes

see trail map for details

1.5 Mile Loop Lagoon Trail
5 Mile Loop Coastal / Wood Ridge / Miwok /Coastal
5 Mile One Way Coastal Trail to Vista Point by Golden Gate Bridge